2022 PMP Certification Cost– 3 Components of PMP Cost

PMP certification cost is an important aspect for PMP certification aspirants. Many PMP candidates only consider the cost of PMP certification exam and training. There are many other costs associated with PMP certification. What are the various aspects of PMP certification costs? How much should you budget to get PMP certification? What other costs are associated with PMP certification, besides exam fees and training?
There are three main costs to obtain PMP certification
PMP Certification Training Costs: $50-$3,500
PMP Exam Fee: $555
PMP Preparation Time: ~six months

We will detail each of these cost items.
Exam Fee for PMP Certification
PMI offers two pricing options for the PMP exam fees. PMI members pay 405 USD and PMI members pay 555 USD. The PMP Certification exam fee costs 555 USD. You will only have to pay 555 USD to cover the exam fee and membership fee if you are a PMI member at time of application.
The total amount doesn’t change if you choose membership. Membership gives you one-year free access to all PMI resources, including PMBOK. We recommend that you apply for PMI membership as part of your PMP application.
The following table shows how PMI members and non-PMI members are divided on the PMP exam fees.
PMP ExaminationPMI Member Examination Fees(USD)Non-PMI Member Examination Fees(USD)PMP Exam – First Time$405$555PMP Re-attempt Examination$275$375Note that, PMP exam fee is only one of the three components of PMP certification cost. Other costs include preparation time and training. In the following sections, we have covered all costs associated with PMP certification.
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What is the cost of a PMP Certification?
The PMP certification is an extremely valuable qualification for those who work in project management. Project managers are in high demand as the field of project management is becoming more popular. You should be aware of the importance of getting a PMP certification if you are currently working in project management or plan to do so. You are probably also looking for the cost of PMP certification. This blog post will discuss the cost of PMP certification to help you plan your finances accordingly.
Let’s start by briefly explaining what PMP certification is. PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMI gives the PMP certification. It is the most widely recognized project management certification for professionals.
We have helped over 200,000 professionals from more than 180 countries to pass the PMP exam with a 99.6% success rate. Now, we have created a seven-step PMP study guide. This PMP study guide can be used to help you create your PMP prep plan.
What is the cost of PMP certification? The cost of PMP Certification has three main components. The cost of PMP certification training is one of the most obvious. The exam fee for PMP certification is another. There is another aspect to consider: the hidden PMP certification cost. This is the time and money you will spend studying for the PMP certification exam.

In the following headings, we will examine the different components of the PMP certification cost.
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