ActiveCollab 5.0.100: The Stable Version

ActiveCollab 5.0.97 has been released as a release candidate. It’s only a step away to the stable release. The new ActiveCollab was developed in the summer 2014 and we are confident it will be ready for use by spring 2015. Although it’s October now and ActiveCollab is almost finished, we are working on the next version. It is important to note that everything works and there aren’t any show-stopping bugs. It’s the perfect time to upgrade if you have been waiting for stable release. You have two options: either download the ActiveCollab and install it yourself, or let us upgrade it for your installation credit. It’s not just an updated and slightly improved version, it’s totally different. We made sure that the new ActiveCollab didn’t overwrite any of your data or previous versions. It is installed separately and once your data has been migrated, ActiveCollab 5 can function independently. So, create a free trial on our cloud and play around with it before you upgrade. You can find more information about the upgrade in our upgrade guide.