ActiveCollab 5.14

We’ll begin a rollout for our major update to ActiveCollab on Saturday, 23 December. Due to a batch upgrade and rebuild of search data, the process will last for the whole weekend. All release updates will be available during this time, but search may not work until all indexes have been rebuilt. Search overhaul
We had to modify the system slightly in order to achieve this. The latest ElasticSearch is used in the Backend. We also restructured indexes to make them more efficient and avoid stability issues. The frontend has been redesigned to be faster and provide more sorting and filtering options. Search behaves more predictably now that results can be sorted by relevance or by date. The system will return elements that include’mar’, market’ or ‘Marco’ if you search for’mar. Cloud customers will automatically receive the new release. We only ask for a little patience while search indexes are built. Customers who self-host ActiveCollab must install and connect ElasticSearch 6 or a newer version. Our team has redesigned the entire connection process so that it guides you through each step and informs the system administrator what is required to get the new search feature running. Hungarian localization
ActiveCollab’s new version features a new Hungarian locale, which will be of interest to customers from Hungary. This means you can now issue invoices in Hungarian, and invite clients and colleagues who don’t speak any of the 13 languages ActiveCollab supports. System requirements
It’s funny that ActiveCollab 5.14 has our 14th localization. This is another example of how version numbers can play tricks with you. The previous version was ActiveCollab5.6. We started to require PHP 5.6. This was more than a year ago. That was over a year ago. This was two years ago! Both PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 came with performance optimizations. Although not as dramatic as PHP 7.0, you can expect even more results. We have to increase the minimum system requirements for the new release of PHP7 because PHP ecosystem (libraries, tools) is constantly moving to PHP7. ActiveCollab 5.14 requires PHP 7.1 or higher (yes, ActiveCollab 5.14 works with PHP 7.2).
2.MySQL 5.7.8 due to the ‘new JSON field.
For new installations, we are also discontinuing support for IIS. ActiveCollab customers who have ActiveCollab installed on IIS will still be supported. However, new installations will require ActiveCollab to be installed on nginx and Apache. ActiveCollab is more comfortable on Unix-like operating systems than Windows. However, Windows will still be supported. Self-hosted ActiveCollab 5.14 is coming soon. If ActiveCollab 5.13.141 is not installed, you may need to upgrade first. This version includes some improvements that will assist you in the upgrade to v5.14 (by clearly communicating your environment checks during auto-upgrade). Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy the new release as much we enjoyed creating it. Happy holidays!