ActiveCollab 5.5 Delivers Major Features

Mail to project
You can create tasks and comment directly from your email. It’s not a problem: When you receive an email notification, send a reply to add a comment.
To create tasks, send or forward emails to the project email address.
View of the Column
Your tasks can be viewed as cards on a Kanban board. You can then move them across columns to spot bottlenecks and improve your task management skills. With task lists such as “Backlog”, In Progress”, “Done”, and “Done”, agile workflows will feel more natural. Get our free ebook to learn more about how powerful this feature is and what you can do.
Tasks now have a start and due date. This allows you to plan projects more precisely and communicate the start and due dates with your team. Timeline view
Notify 3rd party services about what’s happening in ActiveCollab.Integrate with existing apps or create your own custom workflows. Easy update
Basecamp importer
All Basecamp projects can be moved to ActiveCollaband and you can continue where you left off.