Alternatives to Dropbox and Competitors 2022

Businesses are moving to the cloud and shifting from local storage. While it is important to keep sensitive documents and media safe in local storage, distributed workers need a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox.
Enterprise customers can access Dropbox alternatives through affordable paid plans. Dropbox apps do more than just store files. They offer collaboration opportunities and free up space on local devices.
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Table of Contents
What are the Alternatives to Dropbox?
Google Drive: Best Dropbox Alternatives
Amazon Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
iCloud Drive
Citrix ShareFile

What is Dropbox?
Are you ready to try a Dropbox Alternative for your Business?
What are the Alternatives to Dropbox?
Dropbox was a pioneer in cloud storage and is still very popular. There are many options to Dropbox that can be used to help teams share files and collaborate.
Here are some features you should be looking for:
Get more affordable plans with free storage
Storage options that are larger
Scalable plans
Supportive and responsive
Multiple levels of security are available, including data encryption
Respect for data privacy standards worldwide
Audit trails, reporting and versioning. Backup and recovery.
Collaboration through built-in tools
Integration with other apps and services
Seamless device and file syncing
Intuitive user interface
Apps for mobile and desktop devices available free of charge
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Best Dropbox Alternatives
Below is a list with the best Dropbox alternatives in no particular order. Each of these Dropbox competitors offers teams ample cloud storage, easy access, and secure file sharing via encryption.
Google Drive
Google Drive offers cloud storage for personal and professional use. Google account holders can store, share, collaborate, and manage files and folders using the free storage platform. The service is cross-platform, so users can access content from any device. Google Drive protects files shared and accessed via encryption and malware scanning.
Google Drive is a cloud-native storage service that poses minimal risk to local files or devices. Google Slides allows teams to quickly create and share content by integrating with cloud collaboration apps such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Sheets.
Google Drive works with Microsoft Office files, PDFs and CAD files. Individuals can get a free 15GB storage space plan. There are also plans for teams and businesses.

It works seamlessly with Google Workspace apps
Reliable syncing across devices
Large file sharing
Users report issues with automatic downloading
Users want more consistent support
Amazon Drive
Amazon Drive is a cloud storage service that offers secure cloud storage for files, photos, and videos. Amazon account users receive a free plan with Amazon Photos that includes 5GB storage. They can save, organize and share files on their desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
Amazon Drive also offers photo printing and file backup services. US customers can order photo books and prints using the Prints service. Users can upgrade to 100GB storage space with the option of paying monthly or annually. This plan can store approximately 50,000 photos (2MB each) and 14 hours of 1080p HD videos (14 hours each). Other plans offer 1TB or 2TB cloud storage space.

Easy setup and use
Service that is reliable
Mobile apps
Extra storage comes at a high price
Users report sync issues
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that offers both personal and business plans. Users can save files and photos that they can access from any device. It is used by teams to collaborate with shareable links, expiring rights, and defined policies.
Microsoft OneDrive connects to files across Microsoft 3