Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), a company that provides Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) services, announced the latest round in price reductions. According to Jeff Barr’s blog post, Tuesday’s price cuts represent the 51st price cut for AWS. The following EC2 instances have been affected:

  • C4 and M4 running Linux are now 5 percent cheaper in all AWS regions, except South America.
  • R3 Linux: These instances have a lower On-Demand and Reserved host price than the Dedicated host prices in all AWS regions. Additionally, the On-Demand or Reserved R3 instances that run Linux in AWS GovCloud are 5 percent cheaper.

Barr reports that smaller reductions are available for the same instance types running Windows, SLES and RHEL in the mentioned regions. Barr reports that Tuesday’s announcement is just one of a series of moves AWS has made to reduce cloud costs. The company’s AWS Price List API was released in December. This API gives users detailed pricing information for their various AWS services. Barr stated that the API will be updated to reflect Tuesday’s price reductions. AWS also released the T2.nano instance type, which is the cheapest EC2 instance type and is intended for low-traffic workloads.