Announcement for ActiveCollab 5.0.78

ActiveCollab 5.0.78 is now available to self-hosted customers. This release is important as it doesn’t depend on Heartbeat. It uses a job queue that is similar to Heartbeat’s, but it is now part of ActiveCollab. After a month of beta testing, it was really difficult to establish a reliable connection between Heartbeat instances and ActiveCollab instances. These instances were running on many different networks and PHP configurations. This caused many problems for beta testers.
Problems caused by the inability to connect ActiveCollab and Heartbeat can lead to a terrible user experience. It didn’t work and you couldn’t do anything about it. The new job queue gives you control.
We know that job queue works well. ActiveCollab 3 & 4 used one for outgoing mail over many years.
These are the new jobs currently covered:Outgoing email- You specify SMTP server connection parameters within the System Settings. ActiveCollab will then use this server to send the mail.
Search indexing- search uses ElasticSearch. You will need it (plus an Attachments Mapper) to use the search.
Morning mail is prepared and sent by an hourly Cron Job at 7 AM.
An hourly Cron Job performs various maintenance tasks at 4 AM.
The jobs don’t currently cover inbound mail and auto-upgrade. ActiveCollab can create tasks and comments from the messages you send it, so they will soon. We wanted to get the beta out the door as quickly as possible so we had to leave those features behind for the next sprint.
We encourage you to use ActiveCollab 5 if you are new to it. You can find installation instructions here. If you have ActiveCollab 4 installed (previous beta build v5), you will need to follow these steps: Go to, click on Licenses option. You can then download ActiveCollab 5.78.
Unpack the ZIP archive
Upload `/activecollab/5.0.78` from the package to `/activecollab/5.0.78` folder of your current ActiveCollab 5 installation. Don’t delete `/activecollab/5.0.49` from your server just yet, we still need it.
Upload all files from the ActiveCollab.78 installation package to the empty /tasks directory on your server. We’ll need all of these files, including `activecollab-cli.php`, as well as all three cron jobs that are in `/tasks/cron_jobs` folder.
Overwrite `/activecollab/5.0.49/angie/src/Angie/Command/UpgradeCommand.php` file with the same file from the new package,
Use your terminal to cd into the /tasks directory on your server and type: php activatecollab-cli.php update. This command will run all the required database migrations and upgrade your `/config/version.php` file.
Delete all files in /compile or /cache folders.
Log in to your account and navigate to System Settings. There you will find technical settings that allow you to configure outgoing mail, search and Cron jobs.
That’s it. If you notice any problems or need our help, do get in touch at [email protected]