Apple: IOS and MacOS updates

We have learned that Apple has released the first major updates to iOS and macOS. This is what’s worth discussing!
iOS 10.1 contains many enhancements and bug fixes. But the unique appendage is Portrait Camera. This feature was previously only available for iPhone 7 Plus.
Portrait Camera uses the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus to create a depth of field effect that puts the foreground in sharp focus while blurring the background.
It is well-known that iOS 10.1 introduces this feature as a beta. This move Apple has used previously, exclusively with its Maps, in order to excuse the initial results, gather data from users and slowly improve the underlying software.
According to the most reliable sources, Apple has also fixed 13 security flaws in iOS 10.1.
Apple launched iOS 10 on September 13. The operating system is expected to run on iPhone 5 and later and iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air and later and iPad Mini 2 and later and the fifth-generation iPod Touch.
In the meantime, macOS Sierra 10.2.1 fixes 16 vulnerabilities and addresses other non-security issues. The latter include a compatibility enhancement with Microsoft Office and a fix for a Mail updating problem.
Sierra runs on all Macs sold between 2009-2010, and later. It was released to the Mac App Store on September 20.
Computerworld originally published this article.