Are Team Building Activities Worth the Praise They Get?

A harmonious team is a key component of project success for project managers. Businesses have a long history of using team building activities to help build a cohesive team. But are they worthy of the praise they get?
Hawthorne Studies, which took place in the late 1920s and early 30s, raised the idea of team building in the workplace. One of the most striking findings of this study was that workers who interact more often feel more connected to their colleagues and have a greater sense for group identity. This study, which took place almost one hundred years ago, led to the term “team building” being used to describe a continuous process that helps a group of workers to become a cohesive unit. The members of this team feel that they share common goals and support one another in achieving their objectives. They also respect each other’s unique strengths and skills.
This is why businesses should strive to create a team environment in the office that encourages collaboration and ultimately helps them achieve their business goals. In recent years, one of the most effective ways to achieve this has been to use team building activities, also known as company away days. Businesses that invest in team building days outs will usually do them once to three times per year.
There are many activities to choose from, ranging from traditional treasure hunting to more extreme options like paintballing. This wide range of activities raises questions about whether or not team building activities are effective. It is crucial to choose an activity that can be used in the workplace and that can be seen as a casual company day out. This will result in participants being more engaged and motivated to participate, especially if they are unable to work on the day.
Activities that are aimed at achieving a clear goal as a group often work well. Each person should be given a task that requires them to complete it. As a group, they will be able achieve the goal. This is similar to what it would be at work when a project team works towards a deadline.
It is important to remember that some people have more reserved personalities. This will ensure that they are not forced to leave their comfort zone and made uncomfortable. This will result in the opposite of what the team building activity was intended to accomplish. Overly competitive activities can lead to conflict. This is detrimental to the goal of improving the team’s ability and trust.
When introducing team building activities to your company, it is important to ensure that they are well thought out and clearly defined as a task with a purpose to improve everyone’s ability to collaborate.
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