Are you on the right path to cloud certification?

First, if you’re on a cloud path, you’re heading in a positive direction.
Cloud certifications are highly sought after and on the rise. RightScale found that cloud is used by 93 percent of companies surveyed.
Microsoft predicted that the public and private IT cloud services will create nearly 14 million jobs by 2015, in 2012 according to Microsoft. Gartner also predicted that cloud services would require 4.4 million new jobs worldwide in 2012. It’s obvious that cloud tech is a necessity for IT professionals, as shown by the job boards.
Which path should you choose?
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Amazon Web Services (AWS), currently holds a dominant market share within the cloud service provider space. However, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are growing rapidly.
Here’s a quick overview of the main cloud certification paths.
Amazon Web Services: Amazon offers three tracks for associate-level certification in solutions architect, developer, or sysops administrator. For the associate-level training, we recommend that you have experience using AWS-based applications and a familiarity with at least one programming language. If you are looking to get started immediately but don’t have any prior experience, Jeremy Cioara’s course AWS Essentials is for you.

Microsoft Azure: Microsoft offers server and developer certifications for IT professionals. To become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) on the server track, first you will need to become a Linux Certified Systems Administrator and then pass another exam (70-533). To become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), you will need to pass 70-533, 70-533, 70-534 and 70-534. Ben Finkel, a trainer, can’t get enough cloud. He outlines five reasons you should earn a certification from the fastest-growing provider.

Google Cloud Platform: The Google Cloud Platform CP100A, also known as GCP CP100A, is the entry-level training that you will need to join the Google Cloud Platform universe. It qualifies you to take one of three learning paths offered by Google: solution developer, systems operations professional, or solution architect. You can move on to the 200-level training and then onto the 300-level Google Cloud Platform Developer courses. The tools and exams are very affordable. It’s Google after all. If you still need convincing, Garth Schulte’s “5 Reasons for learning Google App Engine” or our “10 Reasons To Love the GCP” webinar hosted by Ben.

Other cloud trends:
Security. Dice currently shows 22148 questions about cloud security. As cloud usage increases, so will the need to secure that data. Do you remember when critical data was not moved to the cloud? This has changed. Even if you don’t store mission-critical data in cloud storage, you are likely to store sensitive documents on cloud storage. You might want to improve your security skills and ensure that your cloud information is secure, consider taking our security courses by James Conrad and Keith Barker.
Containers. Containers are the last but not least. They continue to be one of the most sought-after job skills in 2016. Container technologies like Docker are proving to be a necessity and living up to their promises. Shawn Powers offers a complete course on Docker. It’s well worth the effort.
So what are you waiting? SPOTO cloud training courses will get you up and running!
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