Author: Roxanne

Infosec Train’s SOC Analysis Training Program

A security operation center is a place in an organization that houses Cybersecurity professionals who analyze, monitor, design, and manage an organization’s security posture. SOC teams are made up of security managers, security engineers, SOC analysts, and SOC analysts. This team is responsible for protecting the organization’s infrastructure from cyberthreats. . Recent reports have revealed […]

Infosec Train’s Offensive Cyber Security Engineer Training Program (OCSE).

Infosec Train’s Offensive Cyber Security Engineer training (OCSE), is a well-designed training program for offensive cybersecurity professionals. The course is designed to equip candidates with the skills necessary to improve their ethical hacking skills and advanced penetration testing skills. The OCSE program starts with intermediate cybersecurity concepts and moves on to advanced penetration testing, system […]

Information Technology Vs. Information Security

Many people believe that Information Security is the same thing as Information Technology, and that their I.T. is just as important. The entire cybersecurity of a person’s network is up to man. This is a common misconception since Information Technology focuses more on security than technology. This blog will discuss the distinction between Information Technology […]

Information gathering using Recon-ng Tool

Recon-ng, a Python-based Web Reconnaissance Framework, is fully featured. Recon-ng offers a powerful environment for open-source web-based reconnaissance. It includes modules that can be used independently, database interaction, convenience functions, interactive help and command completion. Recon-ng is similar to the Metasploit framework, which makes it easier to leverage the framework. It is however quite different. […]

Informatica Launches Data Lake Management Solution, Enhances AWS Integrations Informatica is a provider of cloud-based data management solutions for enterprises. Informatica has increased its toolset to help organizations manage large amounts of data in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company’s new Governed Data Lake Management Solution was launched on Monday. This coincided with the start of the AWS re-Invent conference, which is now a three-week virtual event. Informatica’s solution is designed to help organizations manage their AWS data lakes. It includes features for data management, data cataloging and setting and enforcing privacy rules. The Governed Data lake Management Solution will allow users to:

Intelligent Data Cataloging allows you to discover and organize data assets in your enterprise, automatically curate and augment metadata with business context, and infer relationships with lineage and other information. Cloud-Native Data Integration allows you to quickly and efficiently create data pipelines and migrate data workloads from on-premises to Amazon S3 data lakes. To ensure […]

AWS snags former Netflix Cloud Guru for VP role

Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced Monday that Adrian Cockcroft has been named its vice president of Cloud Architecture. CTO Werner Vogels also announced the appointment. Cockcroft’s six-year tenure at Netflix is a highlight of his resume. He was first the director of its Web Engineering team, then as its Cloud Architect. Cockcroft was responsible for […]

AWS Reduces Pricing for AppStream 2.0 Educational Customers

Amazon Web Services’ desktop application streaming solution can now be used by educational institutions at a steeply discounted price. AppStream 2.0, a managed service, was launched at last year’s AWS reInvent conference. It allows customers to stream desktop applications over cloud to any HTML5 capable browser on a laptop or computer, regardless of whether it […]

AWS Reduces the Price of CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced this week a significant price drop of around 80 percent for its CloudEndure disaster recovery services, which it acquired last year. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery promises fast and low-cost recovery for your organization’s servers and databases, no matter if they are on-premises or cloud-based. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery replicates your entire system […]

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), a company that provides Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) services, announced the latest round in price reductions. According to Jeff Barr’s blog post, Tuesday’s price cuts represent the 51st price cut for AWS. The following EC2 instances have been affected:

C4 and M4 running Linux are now 5 percent cheaper in all AWS regions, except South America. R3 Linux: These instances have a lower On-Demand and Reserved host price than the Dedicated host prices in all AWS regions. Additionally, the On-Demand or Reserved R3 instances that run Linux in AWS GovCloud are 5 percent cheaper. […]

AWS Reduces EC2 Instance Price by Up to 21 Percent

Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced Wednesday its 61st round price cuts. This will lower the cost of some EC2 Reserved Instances up to a fifth of their original prices. “Convertible Reserved Instances” will be available immediately for between 5 and 21 per cent less. These three-year-terms allow customers to switch between instance types throughout their […]