Automate Container Services in AWS

This 19-video video, advanced training by SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan teaches you how to set up a container infrastructure that is highly scalable and available through automated processes and tasks.
This is the new AWS training.
There are many costs associated with container infrastructures. Some of those costs are financial, the money required to keep the lights on. Many of those costs are overhead and maintenance, the money required to pay all the administrators.
This Automate Container Services in AWS training will show you and your team how to reduce those costs through automation. This training will teach administrators how to automate scaling their clusters, pushing repositories and performance management.
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You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Automate Docker Engine using Python and Dockerpy
Create Python-based AWS Lambda Functions using Containers
AWS Fargate allows you to build a highly-available Python Flask API

This training covers the following topics:
Connect to the Docker Engine using Python
Send a sample application to Amazon ECR.
Docker and Python are used to update existing container configurations
Introduction to AWS Lambda containers with Python
Docker and Python allow you to pull container images

This training includes:
2 hours of training
19 videos

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