AWS Reduces Data Transfer Costs

Market leader Amazon Web Services Inc. has slashed data transfer fees significantly, the latest example of cloud providers racing for the bottom (price-wise).
According to Jeff Barr’s blog post, all inbound data transfers from CloudFront, AWS content-delivery service, are now completely free.
CloudFront also reduces the cost of outbound data transfers by between 4 percent to 29 percent depending on how large the data is and which AWS edge location it is coming from (the reductions only apply to edge locations in the United States and Europe, Australia, and Japan).
Outbound data transfers from AWS are now available at a lower cost, varying depending on where the AWS datacenter is located and the volume of data being transferred.
All applicable data transfers that begin on Dec. 1 are subject to the price change, Barr stated.
AWS has been locked in a price war with Google and Microsoft for some time. Each company is taking turns cutting cloud services costs to keep up with the other.
Barr stated, “As I’ve noted in the past we focus on driving down costs over time.” “We pass the savings on to you as we do this.” executives have suggested that AWS price reductions are one reason why the company fell short of Wall Street expectations in its second quarter 2014 earnings reports. AWS is only a small portion of’s total revenue and has shown consistent growth from quarter-to-quarter.
These price reductions follow Tuesday’s announcement by AWS that it was introducing new pricing options to its EC2 ReservedInstances model.