AWS Reduces the Price of CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced this week a significant price drop of around 80 percent for its CloudEndure disaster recovery services, which it acquired last year.
CloudEndure Disaster Recovery promises fast and low-cost recovery for your organization’s servers and databases, no matter if they are on-premises or cloud-based.
CloudEndure Disaster Recovery replicates your entire system (including operating system, system configuration, databases, applications, files, and files) to a low-cost staging space in your AWS account. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery can launch thousands of your machines automatically in a fully provisioned state if there is a disaster.
This process eliminates the need to purchase additional software licenses or duplicate infrastructure. It also reduces compute costs by up to 95 percent, according to Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, in a Monday blog post.
Barr reports that AWS is sweetening things even more with an 80 percent price drop, which brings CloudEndure’s cost to “$0.028 an hour, or about $20 per server per month,” according to Barr.
The company is also changing the CloudEndure billing model, moving it from a contract-based to a usage-based model. According to the AWS announcement, customers no longer have to sign a contract obligated to pay for a certain amount of servers. Instead, they can pay for their hourly usage of servers.
The company stated that by moving from contract-based billing to usage-based billing, it aligns with the AWS consumption model that offers customers greater flexibility.