AWS snags former Netflix Cloud Guru for VP role

Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced Monday that Adrian Cockcroft has been named its vice president of Cloud Architecture. CTO Werner Vogels also announced the appointment.
Cockcroft’s six-year tenure at Netflix is a highlight of his resume. He was first the director of its Web Engineering team, then as its Cloud Architect. Cockcroft was responsible for the company’s transition to a fully cloud-native architecture based on AWS public clouds. This seven-year-long process began in 2000 and ended earlier this year.
Cockcroft was also a Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures, where his advice to portfolio companies and cloud migration plans was provided.
He has also held engineering positions with Sun Microsystems, Cambridge Consultants, and eBay.
Cockcroft is also a member AWS’ Community Heroes program. This program recognizes “AWS experts that go above and beyond to share their knowledge through social media, blogs and events, user groups, workshops, and user groups.”
Cockcroft stated in a prepared statement that he had worked closely with AWS for seven years and was thrilled to join the cloud computing leader. “The current state-of-the art in infrastructure, software packages and services is a combination AWS and open-source tools. They are all available to everyone. This democratization of technology access means everyone can learn and compete for the best.
Vogels stated that Cockcroft will work closely with AWS executives, product groups, and consult with customers about their cloud architectures — whether they are startups that were created in the cloud or large Web-scale enterprises or enterprises that have an ‘all in’ migration strategy. Adrian will also engage with developers in the Amazon-sponsored, supported open source communities.