Can we use Facebook for managing projects?

When I talk to people about social media tools, project managers, I get asked the question “What about Facebook?”
As you all know, I believe in the many benefits social media tools can bring to project managers. When asked about Facebook, I always reply that it is not a good tool to help project managers run projects.
I have always been skeptical about the role Facebook can play in managing projects. It’s not something I discuss in my book Social Media for Project Managers. It’s not business-y enough.
It’s not enough to have an opinion. I wanted to see if I was right. So I went on Facebook to see if I was right.
Facebook’s project management community
A search for “project management” brought up the PMI page, which is the most popular with over 41,900 people liking it. I also found [email protected] and The International Community for Project Managers. These sites and others like them had no original content. They simply aggregated content from their normal’ websites and uploaded it to Facebook.
Facebook allows users to comment on articles without visiting the organisation’s website. Some comments were interesting and some were very informative. However, I did not see anything that would make Facebook a better choice than an organisation’s website. I couldn’t find any presence for APM and IPMA.
There are also Facebook groups, but I found the search results confusing. The results were not alphabetical. I wanted to show the largest groups first to see which one I would like to join. After I looked at the groups, I realized that the discussions weren’t recent.
Is it worth it
LinkedIn’s discussion groups are more active and up-to-date if you want to participate in discussions about project management.
Facebook’s greatest benefit is consolidating your social media experience and bringing together all of your favorite project management reference resources in one place. It will save you time and you won’t have to go to each site individually. You can view all updates in one place.
This is useful only for networking and keeping up to date with the latest news. It does not help with the actual business of managing a project. I don’t believe that Facebook is a tool project managers can use for managing a project and working collaboratively with a group. Are you a different person?