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Logitrain – Benefits of VLANs and Common Uses of VLANs

VLANs offer security improvements, cost reduction, higher performance and simplified network management. VLANs can help to reduce both internal and external threats to the network. By assigning different groups to different VLANs, users have access to the network only for their own purposes. Sensitive data will also be protected from unauthorised people. External threats are […]

Software Testing: Benefits in Today’s World

Software applications are ubiquitous today. It is possible that you don’t even know that you use it every day. Let me tell you, smartphones are an example hardware that uses software applications in order to meet customer needs. Smartphones can run many software applications. There are many software applications for smartphones, including social media, face […]

Benefits of ITIL – ITIL Implementation – ITIL Advantages Logitrain

Information Technology Infrastructure library contains a set of recommendations that can be used as a guideline for adapting the best IT Practices around the world. ITIL is not prescriptive and can be adapted to suit the needs of customers and suppliers. Below are some of the benefits of ITIL Framework: Common languageITIL framework defines a […]

Logitrain Blog – AWS Certification Benefits & Examination Details

Amazon Web Services certifications are one of the most sought-after, if not THE, certifications currently available. They are expected to grow in importance in the future. AWS is the dominant public cloud platform. AWS is the best public cloud platform, despite the rapid ramp-up of tough competitors like Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, and […]

Are you looking to enter IT as a career?

Are you looking to begin your career in Information Technology? The first good news is that you don’t need a technical degree in order to start your career as an IT professional. The IT industry is a key driver of everyone’s livelihood. We all depend on IT to complete our daily tasks and routines effectively. […]

Information for IT professionals: Agile Certifications

Agile certifications have revolutionized the way software development and project management work. They have also increased the demand for IT professionals who are familiar with the methodology and its many flavors, including Scrum, Lean, and Scaled Agile. There are many certifications that can be used to test your knowledge and compete with others using the […]

Logitrain – Agile Certificates

The need for agile knowledge has increased dramatically as many software companies are moving to Agile. The importance of Agile certifications has increased as IT companies seek to fill the skills gap. There are many certifications that Agile can offer to increase your job search value. has listed the top seven certifications that are […]