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10 GCP Best Practices That You Need to Know

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the fastest-growing major cloud provider, is having a significant impact upon the cloud adoption choices of many retail users and enterprises. This platform offers convenience and many other features that are attracting more users. There are also concerns about security and other related issues due to the rapid adoption of this […]

10 Best Practices to Optimize AWS Costs

You should be familiar with the most important AWS cost optimization tips if you are an AWS user. Amazon Web Services’ main goal is to maximize resource efficiency by providing optimal infrastructure solutions within budget constraints. Many headlines claim that cloud computing is costing businesses a lot of money. The striking feature regarding cloud computing […]

10 Best Apache Spark Books

Apache Spark is an open-source framework for big data. It includes modules related to SQL streaming, graph processing and machine learning. It was released open-source in 2010 and quickly attracted the attention of 250+ organizations and over 1000 contributors. There are many Apache Spark books, so it can be difficult to choose the best book […]

10 Essential Modules You Must Know

Ansible is an open-source IT configuration automation and management tool that is widely used. The platform uses YAML templets that are easily understood and human-readable. This allows users to program continuous tasks using the Ansible modules, which can be done automatically without the need for advanced programming language. The tool is completely agentless. This means […]

The 2022 Best Agile Tools for Project Managers

Top Agile Tools for Project Managers 2022 Agile project management is an iterative method for managing projects and delivering them in a timely manner through continuous releases. It promotes quick production and increases productivity at work. Many businesses are still struggling to make the transition from a waterfall-style method to Agile because they lack knowledge […]

Cloud Computing Benefits in 2022

Cloud Computing: Top 11 Benefits 2022 Cloud Computing: Top Benefits Cloud Computing has many benefits that can completely change the business environment. Cloud computing has been a leader in providing cloud computing services that can scale to meet changing business needs. A cloud computing service, for example, offers more storage, capacity, flexibility, and flexibility depending […]

Azure Pipeline Maintenance and Creation

Azure Pipeline – Learn how to create Azure Pipelines Azure Pipelines regularly builds and reviews code initiatives. It can be used with any language or project. Azure Pipelines combines continuous delivery (CD), and continuous integration (CI), to build and verify your code and deliver it anywhere. Continuous Integration (CI), is a methodology used by improvement […]

IBM Certification Analogues: Having Choices is Always a Plus

The IBM certification program offers many opportunities to train and qualifie specialists in different areas. You can find the details here. The current accreditation program has 189 designations and over 1,700 badges in different technical directions. Candidates have the option of choosing which path to take, thanks to the wide variety of badges and certifications […]