CCNA Certification Tools & Easter Eggs

Brian Scheibe Are you looking for them on Web sites? has Easter Eggs for those who are studying to become a CCNA. These Easter Eggs are found by many people every day through search engines. I bet you would like to know where and what they are.
This calculator and study guide should be helpful.
*Subnet Calculator: If you have difficulty with subnets or wildcard masks calculation, you might need some assistance. Although you cannot bring a calculator with you to the exam, you can use it to check your work while you study. Our programmers created a Subnet Calculator. It is freeware and available on our Free Utilities page.
* TCP/IP Cheat sheet: Need help understanding subnets? A TCP/IP cheatsheet is available that contains tables of IPv4 addresses and brief explanations. This can be used as a pneumonic. This handy tool can also be found on our Downloads page. This tool will help you convert binary to decimal, and which address ranges can be reserved.
There are many CCNA practice exams. The practice exams that are found in the back of a book serve more as a book review than they do as a practice exam. They are usually brief explanations and don’t focus on exam-only topics.

ExSim-Max practice exam for Cisco 640-802 is a good choice if you are studying for the CCNA certification. ExSim-Max practice tests are created and edited by Boson. They are not packaged with any study guides. Boson’s CCNA practice test has six complete exams. Each exam targets the concepts that you might see on the actual exam.
ExSim-Max is so sure that you will pass the CCNA exam, we guarantee it.

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