Cisco DevNet: Benefits and Pathways

Don’t worry, this blogpost will give you a brief overview of Cisco DevNet and also offer the opportunity to learn more about the Cisco ecosystem in DevNet. You will only find positive things about getting certified and moving up the ladder.
What is Cisco DevNet?
Cisco DevNet is a group or network of software developers that works together to develop API(s) for products in a live network.
Responsible for providing developers with the tools, resources, and codes needed to create and innovate network-enabled solutions.
Cisco DevNet offers a few products. These include cloud, networking, data centre, and many other products. DevNet certification is a great option for IT professionals, especially considering the impact cloud computing has had on the IT industry.
The Certification
Cisco Certified DevNet –
These are the benefits of each certification level.
1. Associate
DevNet Associate’s journey is designed to help you develop the software skills necessary to navigate new terrains in today’s rapidly changing IT fields.
You will learn the best practices in modern software development, DevOps, and how to securely interact with APIs to “automate manual processes with just a few lines code.”
This certification will allow you to earn a Networking Academy badge and prepare for the DevNet Associate certification exam.
2. Professional
The Professional level validates your skills in developing and maintaining Cisco applications. It also covers core skills with a concentration in your chosen area.
3. Specialist
The DevNet certification and training program is a first-of-its kind at Cisco. It validates key skills for a new breed of software professional.
This certification has many benefits
Cisco technology can be used to enhance your user experiences and applications

Cisco certifications will help you build your career.

No matter what technology advances, Cisco can help you build your business.

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