Clubhouse for Project Managers

Clubhouse is a social platform that allows you to drop in to audio chats. You can think of podcasts or live radio shows where you just listen to the conversation. Or conference calls where you can join in at any point, then leave after a while.
Is there a place in the app for project managers? What could it be used for?
Clubhouse was the place I went to learn more.

Clubhouse: What I love about it
How Clubhouse works
How to join Clubhouse
Clubhouse: Your profile.
Clubhouse has project managers available
Join some clubs
Join a room
Talking in a group
Manage your notifications
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Clubhouse: What I love about it
Clubhouse is easy to use and requires little effort from me.
Although it sounds strange, I can click to listen to a room and leave when I’m done. I can also host my own rooms in my pajamas (as I have often done). You don’t have to do your hair, put on make-up, or adjust the lighting.
It’s voice-only (with no recording), so you can simply “dial in” to listen or talk. It’s simple, requires little preparation, and can be addictive! I’ve met many interesting people in the project industry, some of whom work near me in similar positions.
It’s easier than doing Facebook Lives because I don’t have to prepare as much, there is no additional apps or bothersome streaming services to set up, and I can speak to real people rather than only responding to comments. The conversation is more open and less one-sided.
Are you ready to see it?
How Clubhouse works
Clubhouse is currently in private beta. To get in, you will need to be invited. However, the world is small and people in your network will have spare invites to invite you in.
You get 2 invites when you sign up. After being active for a week on the platform, I received 3 more invites. After a month, I received 3 more invites.
You can also be invited to a club directly. Another way to get invites is set up a club. The club will send you private invitations so that your contacts can join.
How to join Clubhouse
You can download the app now (although it’s only for iPhone/iPad) and reserve your handle ([email protected]). When someone invites you via text message, iMessage, or email, you will be notified.
To invite you, your friend must have your number in their contact list. This is the only way you can invite people to your phone contacts.
Club invites are unique (more on clubs later). They include a secret link to join.
Clubhouse: Your profile.
Set up your profile when you sign up. Although the search tools on Clubhouse are not very powerful, it will detect keywords in your profile. If you want to connect with Clubhouse’s project management community, ensure that your profile contains the terms “project manager” and “project management” or an equivalent wording (PMO/programm manager, etc.).
Clubhouse bios can be filled with emojis It was easier to create a bio using Notes, then copy it and paste it into Clubhouse.
Clubhouse has project managers available
Clubhouse has a search function that allows you to find project managers and clubs. Search for me first: I’m @elizabethharrin. To find other project professionals, you can browse my followers and those I am following. Or, try your own search.
Next, join some clubs. At the time of writing, there are three project management clubs:
Project Management Club
All Things Project Management
Women in Project Management (currently not open to members, but you may follow it).

It would be great to have Clubhouse with a wide range of project managers so we can do events like the #PMOT on Twitter. My Ask a Project Manager rooms are available in the Projec.