CompTIA A+ – Get into IT Support with Proficiency

CompTIA A+ certification is for those who want to get into IT support. This basic training is for beginners and covers the basics of many IT domains, including software, hardware, operating system, information security, troubleshooting, mobile devices, network administration, and software. CompTIA A+ certification and training does not require any prerequisites. It is recognized worldwide by employers in the USA and around the world. The A Plus certification training validates the skills of IT technicians in the installation, maintenance, customization, and troubleshooting of diverse IT components.
What You Can Learn
CompTIA A+ training is focused on all major IT domains.
Hardware: This course covers all aspects of hardware components, including how they are used and connected.
Operating Systems & Technologies: This topic focuses on in-depth understanding of operating systems, the latest software and mobile platforms.
Networking: This course teaches you how to create, configure, and support wired and wireless networks.
Security: CompTIA A+ training courses are focused on data security. This training area covers access controls, authentication, encryption, and other security-related topics to help you explore all options.
Mobile Devices: The A+ certification allows you to identify, configure and connect various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and wearables.
Troubleshooting: This training will help you to identify and fix any hardware, software, or network problems.
Procedures and IT Operations. Another key deliverable of CompTIA A Plus certification is hands-on learning about the entire process to resolve IT issues safely and provide extensive customer support. This course will help you understand vital IT operations by demonstrating how to use cloud computing and other IT advancements.
What you can achieve
CompTIA A+ training courses will equip you with the skills to provide extended IT technical support as well as practical experience in managing various IT resources. This certification offers more than just technical knowledge.
CompTIA A+ certification means:
Validation of skills
Recognized as a certified professional
Salary growth
A better career path
Career Opportunities After CompTIA A+
CompTIA A+ allows you to demonstrate your IT support skills and troubleshooting abilities. This certification is a great choice for those who are just starting out in the IT industry. It allows professionals to access new opportunities in their job roles. CompTIA A+ certification will allow you to manage and support your company with better networking skills, security threats identification, mitigation, virtualization and cloud computing, as well as the efficient implementation of ultra-modern computing infrastructures.
These are some of the promising career opportunities that this certification opens up after it is completed:
PC technician
Support in the field
Help desk technician
Opportunities for self-employment in the assembly and setting up of infrastructure
CompTIA A+ training courses can be delivered by CompTIA authorized training partners. Training is offered in customized schedules and at affordable prices.
NetCom Learning is an authorized CompTIA learning partner. We have a dedicated team of certified professionals that offer a variety of CompTIA certification trainings. This all-encompassing certification training will allow you to start your IT support career and keep up with the latest technology.