CompTIA Cloud Essentials – New Course

Anthony Sequeira, SPOTO trainer, recently released his Cloud Essentials course. This is the final in a series of courses that prepares you for CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification. He covers all the concepts, terminology, as well as technology, that are covered in the Cloud Essentials exam.
Anthony teaches 22 videos to prepare non-technical learners how to use cloud technologies in their business. He also addresses the technical challenges of running cloud applications. You will also learn the skills necessary for CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification.
Anthony spoke to us about his new course, and how you can get the most out of your training.
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Start trainingQ: Who should use CompTIA Cloud Essentials training courses?
Cloud Essentials is a great course for IT professionals and enterprise managers who need to be familiar with cloud characteristics and their business impacts. This course is essential due to the increasing importance of cloud technology. Even IT professionals who have been working with cloud technologies for years may benefit from this course as they might not be familiar with the business implications.
Q: Why shouldn’t someone who is not directly installing the technology be concerned about the technical benefits and challenges of cloud applications?
Cloud can have a direct impact on the bottom line and the revenues and expenses that the company can achieve. Cloud can also increase the risk to the business. This is why this course should be seen by anyone who plays an important role in their organization.
Q: What is the difference between Cloud Essentials & Cloud+?
Cloud Essentials is a short course that provides a high-level overview of cloud technologies and their business implications. Cloud+ is a more in-depth look at cloud technologies. It would be too technical for many potential viewers. CompTIA is currently updating Cloud+ for a 2018 release. CompTIA is currently updating Cloud+ for a new release in 2018. I plan to create that course for SPOTO when that happens.
Q: Do you have any tips for learners that will help them get the most out this course?
Learners should be ready for some fun! Seriously! Cloud technologies are so fascinating.
Q: What is the most important thing that you hope learners will take away from this course.
I hope learners will have a greater appreciation for cloud computing. Cloud is not a marketing buzzword. It has real benefits. Cloud can allow for the breaking of ground within an organisation and can make the difference between a company thriving and failing in today’s complex business environment.

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