GK Polaris – Preparation for More than 40 Microsoft Certifications

Mission control is a group of people who are responsible for ensuring that astronauts are ready for any situation. To ensure that astronauts are prepared for any unexpected situations during the mission, rigorous training and simulations are performed prior to launch.
You may not have a flight director to your ears as an IT professional, but you do have a manager and team who rely on you to do your job well. You will need to have the resources to continue learning new Microsoft skills and to be able to put those skills into practice.
GK Polaris offers this support, and it’s endless.
Global Knowledge’s new subscription program, GK Polaris (Global Knowledge Subscription Program), provides a steady payload of skills to ensure mission achievement. GK Polaris’ Discovery subscription plan includes unlimited access and preparation for over 40 Microsoft certifications.

Learn more about what you can do with unlimited Microsoft training
The Discovery subscription is all about possibility. All subscribers have the opportunity to take their career to new heights with over 100 Microsoft courses available. GK Polaris Discovery can help you master the following technology areas:
Dynamics 365
Exchange Server
Modern Workplace
SQL Server
Skype and Teams
Visual Studio and.NET
Windows Server

Get unlimited GK Polaris training subscriptions.
These areas offer unlimited training and you can earn over 40 Microsoft certifications.
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It doesn’t matter if you want to improve your skills, increase your performance, change jobs, get promoted, or make more money. It helps to have all the resources that you need. Our customer success team is available to help you determine the best skill development plan by using learning paths.

Microsoft certification is a valuable asset
The annual Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report surveys thousands of IT professionals around the world about their salaries, in-demand certifications and tech priority areas. It also examines skills gaps and other information. The 2020 report, due to be released later in the year, will show that 21% of respondents have at least one Microsoft certification. This makes it the third most popular category of certifications worldwide.
Two Microsoft credentials topped the list of highest-paying certifications in terms of salary. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate in North America is associated with an average annual income of $122,768, while Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is at $119,000. Survey respondents also overwhelmingly hold Azure Fundamentals Microsoft certification.
Microsoft certifications are essential for professionals in cloud, security and networking. Microsoft-certified professionals most frequently hold the following job roles:
Systems architect
Cloud architect
Systems engineer
Network engineer
Administrator of systems
Security engineer

Microsoft professionals are also motivated to certify. 42% of them have earned their most recent certification within the last six month.
Globally, certification value is undisputed. 93% of decision-makers agree that certified employees add value beyond the cost of certification.
Certified personnel have the main advantage of being able to close organizational skills gaps. This is what more than half of IT decision-makers consider an advantage. Certified professionals are better at meeting client needs, increasing productivity, reducing troubleshooting time, and completing projects faster.

The benefits of learning Microsoft skills via virtual training
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