Have questions about project management? I’m currently doing a few podcasts, and we just released new episodes yesterday.

  • What’s the latest in Project Management?
  • Not the Status Report

Josh from the pmStudent studio is here to help. I am starting a new podcast that uses a question-and-answer format. I will answer your questions and you can ask them. This is for new and aspiring project managers, who are the main focus of pmStudent.com. I want to ask specific questions. Please tell us about your industry and background. Do you want us to have a good starting point for making recommendations? Each question will be covered in a 5–10 minute show. This is my goal. (I like the short format shows) You don’t even need to leave your name so it can remain anonymous as you wish.

  • Questions about the career of a project manager
  • how-to
  • Education
  • Certification

Depending on how many questions there are, I may not be in a position to answer them all in the podcast. However, I will respond to your email as soon as possible. While I will likely cover many of these topics myself, I may occasionally bring in guest hosts to help me out, especially if they have industry or experience that can provide unique insight. So what are you waiting? You can find new shows on the pmStudent.com blog. They will also soon be available in iTunes as a podcast feed subscription.