How can I prepare for Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r) Exam)? Blog

Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r)) is one of most sought-after certifications. It is designed to improve your knowledge of the global language used in project management. It will allow you to connect with a global community of professionals, experts, and organizations. This certification will make it possible to recognize advanced experience, skill, performance, and knowledge necessary to manage and align a portfolio to achieve organizational strategy and objectives. Portfolio management is a vital skill in today’s competitive world. This PfMPcertification will help you reach your goals. This certification is quick and easy to obtain. Let’s get started.
Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r) certification exam will give you insight into how to bridge the gap between strategy implementation. Strategy and implementation are the two most important pillars of portfolio management. These two key elements will allow you to manage multiple portfolios for any organization. A portfolio management system can make 62% of an organisation’s earnings. You can achieve great heights as a professional PfMP.
Before we start our preparation, let’s review some important exam details and learn about resources that can help you prepare.
Who should receive this certification?
Portfolio Management Professional Certification was designed for senior-level practitioners who manage a portfolio of programs/projects that are aligned with a strategic and organizational assemblage of work.
Exam Prerequisites for Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r)
You will need to know the following information in order to pass Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r)) examination.
All applicants must have a minimum of 96 month of professional business experience in the last 15 years.
Secondary degree (high school diploma or associate’s degree or the global equivalent).
Portfolio management experience for 84 months
All applicants must have a minimum of 96 month of professional business experience in the last 15 years.
Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent).
48 months of portfolio management experience
What knowledge will I acquire?
Now you know the basics of the exam. You might be wondering what knowledge or skills I will acquire. We have listed everything to help you.
Strategic Alignment
Portfolio Performance
Portfolio Risk Management
Communications Management
Exam Format
Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r)) exam has Multiple Choice and Multi Response Questions that are randomly assigned.
Important note: There are 150 questions you must answer in four hours.
The cost of the PfMP exam is US $800 for Members and US$1000 for Non-Members. Taxes as applicable to local laws are also included.
The certification is valid only for three years.
How can I prepare for Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r) Exam)?
Preparation strategies and guidance are essential for any exam. It is also difficult to pass any exam without a proper structure. You don’t have to worry about Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r)) exam. We have collected all the tips and tricks needed to prepare for the exam. Let’s get started.
Check out the Basic Concepts
It is important to have a solid foundation when you prepare for any exam. It is important to know the basics of each topic. The official PMI website has all the details and the list you need to prepare. You can also refer to the official guide for Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP(r)) examination.