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The Splunk Core Certification Consultant exam is part of the Splunk certifications. It is the final step of the Splunk Core Certified Specialist track. It demonstrates that a Consultant can properly size, install, configure, and implement Splunk environments. It also allows them to give advice to others on how to maximize the product’s value and maximize their potential. The IT industry is always changing. The Splunk software is gaining popularity and technology is improving. This Splunk certification will help you achieve your goals. This certification is quick and easy to obtain. Let’s get started.
The Splunk Core Certified consultant examination is designed to demonstrate the consultant’s ability size, install, and manage Splunk environments. It also allows them to give advice to others on how to use the product and maximize its potential value. It also evaluates candidates’ knowledge and skills in Splunk Deployment Methodology. This includes best practices for planning, data collection, sizing, managing and troubleshooting standard with indexer clustering and search head clustering. This certification is one of the most sought-after in the IT sector.
Before we start our preparation, let’s review some important exam details and learn about resources that can help you prepare.
Exam Prerequisites
You will need to be able to answer the following questions in order to pass the Splunk Core Certified Consul examination:
Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin
Splunk Core Certified Power User
Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect
Recommended Courses
It is recommended that you complete the lecture, hands on labs, and quizzes in preparation for the exam.
Fundamentals 3
Splunk – Create Dashboards
Splunk Education offers advanced search and reporting courses
Core Consultant labs
Services: Core Implementation Instructor-Led Training Course
What knowledge will I acquire?
Now you know the basics of the exam. You might be wondering what knowledge or skills I will acquire. We have listed everything to help you.
Splunk Validated Architectures
Monitoring Console configuration
Authentication Protocols
Splunk to S2S Communication
Data Inputs
Types of forwarders
HEC Tokens
Fishbucket Records
Pretrained Sourcetypes
Indexing Buckets
Event Processing
Indexing Intervals
Data Retention
Search Head Dispatch
Apps for deployment
Deployment Server
Indexer Clustering
Upgrading an Indexer Cluster
Indexer Cluster Failure Modes
Multi-site Clustering
Indexer Migration
Search Head Clustering
Exam Format
The Multiple Choice and Multi-Response questions in the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect exam are randomly assigned.
Next, you should note that there are 86 questions that must be answered in 117 minutes.
The Spunk examination costs USD 125 plus any taxes as required by local law.
The certification is valid only for three years.
Exam Delivery Options
You can take the Splunk certification exams in one of these two ways:
First, in-person at a Pearson Test Center.
Or at home via online proctoring
Splunk Core Certified Consultant Course Outline
The Splunk Core Certified Consul examination covers the following topics.
Splunk 5% deployment
Monitoring Console 8%
Access and Roles 8%
Data Collection 15%
Indexing 14%
Search 14%
Configuration Management 8%Indexer Clustering 18%
Search Head Clustering 10%
How can I prepare for the Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam
Preparation strategies and guidance are essential for any exam. It is also difficult to pass any exam without a proper structure. You don’t have to worry about the Splunk Certified Consultant exam. We have collected all the necessary tips and tricks to help you prepare for the exam. We have gathered all the tips and tricks required for the preparation of the examination.