How to Study for CCENT ICND1 Exam in 10 Weeks

It’s difficult to ignore Cisco’s CCNA certification track in routing and switching if you’re just starting out in IT.
This certification was updated by Cisco in September 2016. Cisco retained approximately 95 percent of the exam content. This allowed test-takers to focus on newer technologies while removing outdated technologies.
Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND1100-105 is the first of two exams you will need to earn your CCNA certification. It also grants you entry-level CCENT certification. We have the latest training right here.
Earning your CCNA
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You have two options for earning your CCNA: Start training You have two options to earn your CCNA: either the composite exam (200-125), OR you can take two separate exams (ICND1 or ICND2). The two-test option is more convenient for those who are new to the field. This is because of the large amount of information. If you have significant experience working in a Cisco environment, the composite might be a good choice.
This study plan prepares for your CCENT in approximately 10 weeks using Jeremy Cioara’s videos. However, it can also be used as a standalone study plan. Every SPOTO course is designed from the objectives of the certification exam. You can use this plan to guide you studying efforts even if your subscription is not yet active.
A quick note on terminology: Our videos are called Nuggets. This is why our name. SPOTO is a learning platform that includes everything you need to study to pass a certification exam. This includes in-video quizzes and virtual labs. You also have access to our Learner Community.
This is based upon the SPOTO ICND1 study plan.
Week 1: Network Fundamentals
Videos 1-9. The SPOTO Learning Experience is a key component. Trainer Jeremy Cioara begins the course with a Nugget about how to build a Cisco home lab. While you won’t use the lab this week, you will soon.
Even if your subscription is not active, you can still view how to build your CCNA Home Lab on the blog.
Week 2: IP Fundamentals
Nuggets 10-18 IP addresses are very important. This is so important that you will dedicate two weeks to IP addresses in this 10-week study program. Last week you learned the components. This week, you’ll be learning how they communicate and connect.
Week 3: Core Network Models and Practice Test
Nuggets 19 to 27. This week’s nuggets are 19-27. It turns out that it is not an easy question. Jeremy will help you understand the basics of the Cisco Three-Tier Hierarchy and then frame the hierarchy within the OSI or TCP/IP models. You can download Wireshark to get a better understanding of your network’s activities and take Keith Barker’s course*.
Practice test. To benchmark your progress, take your first CCENT practice exam this week.
*Note: This course uses outdated technology. This course is still valuable as a training resource.
Week 4: IOS Fundamentals
Nuggets 28-36. Are you ready to dive deep into the world of Cisco? If so, you can learn Cisco IOS (Interconnected Operating Systems). You can learn the operating system best by doing it yourself. So, get out your lab and start learning.
Before you can move on to the next week you must be able to use the most common IOS commands without your notes. It won’t take you long to achieve this goal, even if it takes you a few extra days.
Week 5: Switching Fundamentals & Virtual Labs
Nuggets 37 to 49. This course was designed by Jeremy to put topics in the order of most basic to most complex. You will first learn the components.