How to Study for CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials

CompTIA Cloud Essentials was created for the non-technical professional. CompTIA Cloud Essentials is a great way to get started with the exam preparation. These tried-and-true methods can be used for all exams, even if your SPOTO subscription is not currently active.
These are some tips that will help you study Cloud Essentials with or without SPOTO.

Start with a realistic plan
A study plan is essential for every exam. Start with the date of your test and work backwards. Consider how much time you will need to cover the material. What length are the practice exams? Are there any holidays or vacations coming up? This will help you plan your study schedule. Once you have this figured out, you can schedule your exam so that you have a strict study deadline.
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Get started training. Now that you have a date, you can schedule training at a steady pace to avoid burnout. You should plan to study for a certain amount of time each weekend or day. It’s fine to not study on weeknights. Realistically, that’s part.
Anthony Sequeira’s Cloud Essentials course includes 22 videos that last between three and seventeen minutes. The course will take you nine days to complete if you study for just 15 minutes each day. We have recommended that you only study for 10 minutes per day in the past.
Make sure you are specific with your study plan. Each training session will have a predetermined number Cloud Essential training videos. Allow enough time for the in-video quizzes.

Create a training program
You need a schedule to keep you on track. Habits are a big topic.
A good routine should not only tie in with your study plan but also set the time and place for study time. First, determine if you are a night owl and an early riser. People retain information more well at certain times of the day. However, this varies from person-to-person. It is important to determine your ideal training time.
It is important to study at the same place every time. If you are studying at work, move away from your desk. Turn off your phone. You should avoid distractions.

Cloud Essentials emphasizes definitions
Cloud Essentials is an introductory course in cloud technologies that is non-technical and emphasizes definitions over technical concepts. Flashcards are a good way to learn definitions in context.
Anthony discusses cloud computing terms in one of the longest videos. To fully grasp these fundamental definitions, take your time. Make sure to take notes and then create flashcards based on those definitions.
It will also help to be familiar with commonly misunderstood terms such as elasticity versus scaleability, availability and reliability. These contextual markers will help to remember key terms and their function when it comes time to test day — and improve your understanding of cloud computing.

Contextualize your business knowledge for your company
Although you may not be required to migrate an app to the cloud for your job, it is important to understand the business implications. CompTIA created this course to help you understand the business implications of migration.
The cloud definitions are the foundation of the exam. However, you must also understand what the cloud can do to your business. Find case studies and examples from your company that demonstrate cloud features, legal implications, cost savings, or other benefits.

You are ready for the test day
Although it takes time to fully grasp the technical details of the Cloud Essentials CompTIA exam, with determination and good study habits, even the most non-technical people can pass the exam.
Once you have passed the exam, you can go on to more diff