How to Study for VMware VSphere 6 VCP/DCV in 9 Weeks

As they seek to streamline processes and reduce costs, save space and increase efficiency, more and more companies are turning to virtualization. This has created a need for IT professionals with serious virtualization skills.
You should consider earning VMware’s Certified Professional 6 Data Center Virtualization certification.
VMware has been the standard in virtualization since its inception. The VCP6 DCV certification is an intermediate-level cert. It’s a great way to prove that you can manage, deploy, and maintain VMware vSphere environments. After completing this certification training, you will be able to quickly and easily learn the ropes.
We have created a 9-week study plan that will help you become VCP6 DCV certified. It includes SPOTO training, hands-on experience, as well as a lot of other great resources. You are ready to learn, watch, and conquer.
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Start trainingWeek 1
You can watch videos 1-7 of Keith Barker’s VMware vSphere 6 course (VCP6–DCV) during your first week. This course will provide all the videos that you’ll be watching over the next nine weeks. These videos will cover topics such as what is a hypervisor and how to design & prepare labs.
You should download the supplemental files that are associated with this course. These files contain many useful documents that will help you with the course. We recommend that you supplement your video training with additional resources. These textbooks are for VCP6-DCV certified learners.
VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide
VCP6-DCV VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization for vSphere 6 Study Guide 2V0-261

It never hurts to look at what’s in store. VMware’s website has more information about the exam requirements and VMware’s recommended study resources. You can also learn more about the exam that you are planning to take in nine weeks.
The first week should be a smooth, easy transition to the rest of your training.
Week 2
This week’s videos include videos 8-14, which cover topics such as vSphere Windows Client, deploying vCSA and datastores. Flashcards can be used to reinforce key concepts and terms. Yes, exactly like the ones you used in grade school to remember multiplication tables.
We encourage you to read the exam blueprint or to print it to aid you in your virtualization training.
Week 3
Videos 15-21. The focus will be on VMware tools, snapshots, as well as creating virtual switches. You probably have questions about what you’ve seen and learned. This is a great time to join the SPOTO Learner Community. Here you can connect with mentors and network with other learners.
No matter where you are in your training journey, your ultimate goal is to become VCP6-DCV certified. Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for the exam.
Week 4
As you watch the videos 22-28 this week, you’ll be able to cover a lot more iSCSI-related topics as well as vMotion, DRS, and other topics. Then, it’s time to take a practice exam! These practice exams are a great way for you to get used to the exam environment and gauge your test-taking speed. You should plan to spend some time this week completing your Transcender(r). practice exam.
Do not let unfavorable results discourage you. You are not even halfway through the study plan. There is a lot of training to be done and much more to conquer. Here’s a study guide that can give you a boost.
Week 5
Congrats! Congratulations! You have made it to the halfway point. You’ll be watching videos 29 to 35 this week. These videos focus on switching concepts like implementing distributed sizing.