IBM Certification Analogues: Having Choices is Always a Plus

The IBM certification program offers many opportunities to train and qualifie specialists in different areas. You can find the details here. The current accreditation program has 189 designations and over 1,700 badges in different technical directions. Candidates have the option of choosing which path to take, thanks to the wide variety of badges and certifications available in different areas. It could be cloud, systems security, Watson Customer Engagement, Watson Internet of Things.
We should also remember that there are vendors who can compete with the IBM accreditation programs in all of these areas. It’s not that any vendor is better or worse than the other. You have more options for specialization and opportunities to develop your skills when you are able to focus on your goals and capabilities. It’s a way to build on your knowledge and experience without having to learn and prepare for something you may not need in your current job.
Let’s look at some similar options from other vendors and take a look at a few IBM accreditations.
Cloud Certification
Many companies are now rushing to move data and systems to cloud computing because of increased Internet access, virtualization due to COVID-19’s pandemic and rapid digitization. The demand for cloud technology specialists and those who can manage this technology will increase exponentially. Gartner, a consulting firm, claims that cloud technology will account approximately 14% of corporate IT expenditures by 2024. Comparatively, this share was only 9% at the end 2020.
It is therefore not necessary to explain why IT professionals who are motivated should pursue professional growth and skill development through the Cloud. IBM offers the IBM Certified Solution Advisor-IBM Cloud Foundations V2 certification. This certification allows the holder to easily interact with clients looking for an IBM Cloud-based solution. The advisor can also present industry-leading IBM or Open solutions. This certification requires passing the C1000-083 Foundations of IBM Cloud V2 exam. It costs $200.
It is important to remember that there are many cloud technology vendors in today’s IT market. You can choose to go with one vendor or another depending on the technology you use in your company for certification. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Solutions Architect – Associate qualification will prove your ability to manage, deploy, and use multiple services within AWS. For only $150, you can take the appropriate test using the code SAA C02 to demonstrate your knowledge of AWS services such as storage, computing, and other key AWS infrastructure.
Cybersecurity Certification
It is well-known that cybersecurity is a good practice to protect networks, computers, data, and information from loss, theft, unauthorized access, and other threats. Cybercrime is a pressing problem in the digital age, as data is no longer stored on punchcards or in separate archives rooms. As information technology advances, hackers are creating more sophisticated ways to steal, destroy, and damage valuable and expensive information. It is not surprising that you will need to have an official certificate if you work in information security.
This is especially true considering the wide range of security specialties and areas covered. IBM is well-known for its free IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Pro Certificate. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your career in cybersecurity and show that you can solve real-world problems. You will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the data protection mechanisms, endpoints and network fundamentals as well as the threat analysis process by passing the qualifying test and completing the training.
There are also accreditation opportunities available from security-focused vendors like (ISC)2, ISACA or CompTIA. The EC-Council offers the Certified Ethical Hacker certification (CEH), which will show you are capable of both penetration testing and attack detection and prevention. You can also prove to your employer that hackers think like hackers and take a proactive approach to cybersecurity by passing the 312-50 exam.
Data Science Certification
Data science is a promising technology with great potential and is constantly evolving. This is also the area where many technologies and tools can be applied that every aspiring professional should be aware of. It is therefore not surprising that, in order to meet market demands, the aspiring professional must be well-versed in all technologies and tools.