Informatica Launches Data Lake Management Solution, Enhances AWS Integrations Informatica is a provider of cloud-based data management solutions for enterprises. Informatica has increased its toolset to help organizations manage large amounts of data in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company’s new Governed Data Lake Management Solution was launched on Monday. This coincided with the start of the AWS re-Invent conference, which is now a three-week virtual event. Informatica’s solution is designed to help organizations manage their AWS data lakes. It includes features for data management, data cataloging and setting and enforcing privacy rules. The Governed Data lake Management Solution will allow users to:

  • Intelligent Data Cataloging allows you to discover and organize data assets in your enterprise, automatically curate and augment metadata with business context, and infer relationships with lineage and other information.
  • Cloud-Native Data Integration allows you to quickly and efficiently create data pipelines and migrate data workloads from on-premises to Amazon S3 data lakes.
  • To ensure trusted data delivery across the enterprise, and compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, define and enforce data privacy policies.
  • Automatedly identify and fix data quality problems, ensuring data lake users have access to trusted, clean data.

Informatica’s metadata driven, intelligent cloud data management capabilities allow organizations to realize the promise cloud data warehouses and data lakes on AWS by automating data delivery. This will enable them to accelerate innovation. Informatica also announced AWS-related enhancements to the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services product (IICS), which is described as a “next generation iPaaS” or Integration Platform as a service. These improvements are designed to help Informatica customers manage their AWS data assets.

  • Ability to perform serverless extract transform and load (ETL).
  • Amazon S3 data can be managed “code-free” using the new Amazon Athena connector.
  • A new feature called “pushdown optimization” that allows for seamless data processing.

“With our longstanding relationship to AWS, we enable our customers across all industries, public and private, to derive greater value out their data and ultimately drive improved business outcomes,” Rik Tamm-Daniels (Informatica’s head for Strategic Ecosystems and Technology), stated in a prepared statement.