Infosec Train’s Offensive Cyber Security Engineer Training Program (OCSE).

Infosec Train’s Offensive Cyber Security Engineer training (OCSE), is a well-designed training program for offensive cybersecurity professionals. The course is designed to equip candidates with the skills necessary to improve their ethical hacking skills and advanced penetration testing skills. The OCSE program starts with intermediate cybersecurity concepts and moves on to advanced penetration testing, system hacking, exploit development, and network security. EH and C

Skills you will learn during the OCSE training course
Innovative concepts for ethical hacking and efficient management of information security
Your own custom codes
It is important to understand the Windows and Linux environments.
Understanding corporate infrastructure at a higher level
Architecting security infrastructure and a framework for secure IT operations
Domains covered in the OCSE training
OCSE training combines the following training programs:
Training Program for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).
MITRE ATT&CK Training Course
Advanced Penetration Testing (APT).
ISO 27001 Fundamental Training
Security Fundamentals: This section covers the modules of CEH as well as CEH practical. This section will teach the fundamentals of cybersecurity and familiarize the candidate with the attack methods used by hackers and other offensive security professionals. Candidates will gain an in-depth knowledge of:
Reconnaissance and Footprinting
Scanning networks, vulnerability analysis, and enumeration
Hacking, malware threats and sniffing, as well as social engineering attacks, are all possible.
Session hijacking, SQL injection, Denial of Service (DOS) attack
Hacking web applications, wireless networks and mobile platforms, IoT and web servers
Evading IDS, Firewall, honeypots
Cryptography and the fundamentals of cloud computing
This section also gives you hands-on experience with some of the most popular ethical hacking tools. Here’s a list of tools covered in this section:

Infosec Train’s Advanced Penetration Testing Training (APT): Candidates will learn advanced concepts such as how to exploit network security, test intrusion detection, and respond to threats. This training will teach you how to detect and avoid these vulnerabilities. Candidates will gain a deep understanding of:
Planning and defining the scope for a penetration test
Information gathering and vulnerability identification
Diverse attacks and exploits
Active directory penetration
Communication and reporting
Here’s a list of the tools that are covered in this section.

MITRE ATT&CK Red teaming: The Infosec Train’s MITRE ATT&CK course aims to provide knowledge about the tactics and techniques used in cyberattacks by adversaries. Understanding the MITRE-ATT&CK framework is beneficial for both offensive and defensive teams. Candidates will learn about:
MITRE ATT&CK framework
MITRE ATT&CK Matrix/ MITRE ATT&CK Navigationgator
Caldera Testing
Atomic Red Team tests for MITRE ATT&CK
Here’s a list of the tools that are covered in this section.

Exploit Development: This section will cover the basics of exploit creation. Candidates will learn how to think outside the box and create their exploits. There are many situations where an offensive security professional could create their own exploit to avoid security. Skills development is essential. Candidates will learn:
Linux fundamentals
Linux stack flow vulnerabilities
Stack overflow exploitation
Linux exploit mitigation regarding stack overflow exploitation
Programming that is return-oriented