Logitrain – Benefits of VLANs and Common Uses of VLANs

VLANs offer security improvements, cost reduction, higher performance and simplified network management.
VLANs can help to reduce both internal and external threats to the network. By assigning different groups to different VLANs, users have access to the network only for their own purposes. Sensitive data will also be protected from unauthorised people. External threats are also reduced. An attacker can access one VLAN from the outside, but other VLANs cannot be accessed because they are separate from each other.
The CCNA course covers VLANs in detail.
Configuring VLANs can reduce the cost of seperating networks from multiple departments within a company. Each department may only have a few computers connected via the switch, especially in a small company. This allows all computers to be connected to one switch, while each department can have its VLAN. A switch for each department would be expensive and costly, so the company might need to buy one.
VLANs can increase broadcast domains and help manage broadcast traffic like ARP, DHCP, and routing protocols. Broadcast traffic won’t be sent to other VLANs, which reduces network traffic and increases the bandwidth available to users. The switch’s CPU utilization is also decreased as less traffic is processed.
The broadcast domain size is reduced when a Layer 2 switch has multiple VLANs. Broadcast traffic is only sent to devices within the same VLAN. This reduces the number of devices that participate in the broadcast storm. Other VLANs are not affected. VLANs can help to mitigate the broadcast storm.
Another benefit of VLANs are their ease-of-use management. It is easier to manage policies and set up policies when users are logically grouped into the same virtual networks. Users can move workstations around and still be connected to the same network, even if they have different equipment. Users can also change teams without having to move workstations. They can then access the VLANs for the new teams. If the company grows with more employees, the IT staff can easily configure the new switch using VLAN Trunk Protocol. It is not necessary to change the ports on existing switches.
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