Logitrain Blog – AWS Certification Benefits & Examination Details

Amazon Web Services certifications are one of the most sought-after, if not THE, certifications currently available. They are expected to grow in importance in the future.
AWS is the dominant public cloud platform. AWS is the best public cloud platform, despite the rapid ramp-up of tough competitors like Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, and Microsoft Azure. AWS has a remarkable array of services that continues its growth.
Two key reasons AWS certifications are in demand in the current cloud-oriented job market are:
There is a dire need for cloud developers, engineers, architects, and this shortage will continue into the future.
AWS certifications are distinguished by their rigor, thoroughness and appropriateness for critical cloud engineering positions.
AWS places equal importance on solid conceptual knowledge of its entire platform as well as hands-on experience using the AWS infrastructure and its many unique and complex components.
AWS certifications are a way for potential employers to identify you as qualified. This is a huge deal because of the widespread availability of AWS and its dominance in the public cloud market.
AWS certification basically means that you have the knowledge and skills to deploy, manage, or design applications on Amazon Web Services. AWS certification shows prospective employers that you are capable of managing and constructing AWS solutions.
Although becoming certified can open doors for you in the job market, AWS-certified professionals have another reason to be certified. You will gain extraordinary knowledge from the rigorous exams and the training that goes into them. The test preparation process helps you to strengthen your knowledge of key concepts if you are currently working with AWS. If you are new to AWS, the test preparation procedure will help you understand what AWS is and how to use it.
It is essential that you first understand the structure of AWS certification exams in order to pass them. This includes understanding the question formats, content areas, and the breakdown of questions through the content categories.
Questions format: Certification exams follow a typical multiple-choice format. They take approximately an hour and a quarter to complete with a passing score at 65%. If you were worried about passing the exam, this will help. If you can answer correctly at least two-thirds of the questions, you will be certified.
Content domain: The AWS exams are very broad. This is something you need to understand.
A breakdown of the question areas: AWS gives a summary of the exam in terms distinct knowledge areas.
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