Microsoft brings Global Expert to Share insights (12).

Microsoft brings Global Expert to Share Insights
It could make a difference between maintaining the status quo or boosting sales by upgrading the technology that runs your business. Microsoft and Fast Lane, its Certified Partner for Learning Solutions, brought Erdal Ozkaya, a top global IT expert, to share their expertise with existing and potential SME partners of Microsoft Philippines Enterprise Partners at an MVP Led Community Event. This was in line with their commitment of empowering businesses through technology.
Erdal Ozkaya, one of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals, is an expert in many Microsoft products like Active Directory, Windows Client and Server. Ozkaya shared his expertise and knowledge on the importance of local businesses and SMEs to optimize and enhance their IT infrastructure using Microsoft technologies to support business growth. He also discussed how Filipino companies can leverage Microsoft technologies like Server 2012, Office 365, and Windows 8 to help them achieve their business goals by enhancing their IT ecosystem.
Microsoft’s efforts to make technology more affordable and accessible to more people and businesses, including the recently launched Windows 8 and Office 365 are part of Microsoft’s effort to improve productivity and efficiency.
Server 2012 is a cloud-ready platform for information management. It allows businesses to upload, share, and access large corporate files quickly and securely. Office 365 is a platform for collaboration and communication, such as video conferencing and instant messaging.
Windows 8 is designed for enterprise partners to improve the efficiency of their business. Windows-To-Go is another useful feature that allows users to take their entire desktop with them wherever they go on a small USB drive.
“Microsoft is entering a new age in technology. With a powerful operating system such as Windows 8 and products like Server 2012 Office 365 businesses can strengthen their IT operations to reduce cost and deliver a whole lot more business value,” Erdal Ozkaya (CTO at Fastlane Asia Pacific) said. It is designed to provide the user with a great experience and enterprise-grade capabilities to help businesses \\’ improve their IT infrastructure.

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