PowerShell 5.1 is coming!

This webinar was better titled “Running NanoServers on Server 2016 using PowerShell 5.1”.
Garth Shulte, a CBT Nuggets trainer, explains the differences between PowerShell 5 for Windows 10 and PowerShell 5 for Server 2016. Then he uses PowerShell 5.1 (Server 2016 TP5) to spin up a NanoServer. He also demonstrates the copy parameter and crashes the NanoServer. Wait. What? !
Our favorite quote from this webinar (16:14) is “Oh no. Our Nano is dead. What did we do? The answer is: He fixes it.
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Now, let’s fast forward. He gives the NanoServer some more memory, turns it on, and then shows off the console.
Here’s a sneak peek at his (crash-free!) Server 2016 and PowerShell 5 training. It’s coming soon. Garth’s PowerShell 4.0 Training can be used in the meantime to get a headstart.
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