Presents for project managers

Are you looking for a gift for the PM in your family? These gifts might be appreciated by her:
Vouchers to Starbucks or her local coffee shop — to keep going when the steering group reports are due
Shattered Magazine subscription
A powder brush that retracts so her handbag isn’t messy. Benefit powder for concealing make-up on the train and in the poorly lit office cubicles.
A nice pen (my favourite is the pink-free one from womenintechnology
A copy of Lesley Everett’s book Drop Dead Brilliant
A spiral bound notebook in hardback, a pretty, but practical, book.
A diary that has enough space to keep notes and appointments. We are organized in our personal lives, too.
A bottle of wine. Organic wine is better than any other.
Coffee beans with chocolate coating Or just chocolate. I love Thorntons single-origin chocolates, but Reese peanut butter cups are close behind. For the office drawer, something in bite-sized pieces
Tissues for the Desk in a Box
A manicure or massage — We spend so much time organizing other people that we forget to make time for ourselves. If she lives in a densely populated area, add a facial to her list.
Socks to wear underneath trouser suits. Men can wear socks with funny designs like those of Homer Simpson or “World’s Best Dad”, but we need smart, thick socks in dark colors.
Cath Kidston Rose and Carnation lip balm It has nothing to do w/ project management or time saving, it’s simply amazing. It was a Christmas gift that I received and I have it every year. Hurrah!
Shiny Shiny (A Girl’s Guide to Gadgets), or 21st Century Diva, which has some amazing bags

If none of these ideas appeal to you, how about a copy my book? !