Software review: Glip [2014]

Glip homescreen: All information about the current week
Name: GlipVendor. GlipHosting options are web hosted. Cost: Free for basic features, up to 5GB storage and 10k posts You can upgrade to the $5 per person model if you run out of storage, or you can scale up for priority support at $10 per person. Cost: Free for basic features, 5GB storage, and up to 10k posts.
Conversations around teams: Basic features
Glip screen showing Martian as an option. According to the website, Glip is a modern business messaging tool. It’s best to think about it as instant messaging with productivity tools integrated. The ‘industry drop-down list that you fill out when you sign up will tell you which teams it is targeted at. Martian is at bottom, while web and software design firms are at top.
You must add at least one coworker to your account when you sign up. You can only add people to your free account if you import your contacts from Google. If you work with someone with hotmail addresses, for example, you will need to purchase a subscription.
Sign in to see the main Glip homescreen. This includes a summary view of your week, your tasks, and your most recent files. The conversation stream is where you do most of your work with your team.
Create a project
Oh my. I was notified by Kip within seconds of opening my screen. Eleven times. In just two minutes.
Okay, let your online buddy help new users. But at least let me see the messages before another one appears.
Once the onslaught had ended, I was able to work out how to create projects.
Glip doesn’t allow you to create projects. Instead, you can create teams that work together on projects. You can create a team for your project by inviting additional people or selecting the right members. Then you have a conversation stream that is specific to your project. You can create tasks, assign them to people in the stream, and upload files or make notes.
You can add events in the calendar to make it easier to use for important milestones or meetings.
It sounds all a bitty, but it’s not.
If you don’t feel comfortable with the conversation stream, you can view your work through the tasks view and calendar view. You can also see all the notes and files. This allows you to see all interactions with your team. I love the calendar view and how you can see everything you need to do with this week right from the tool.
Keep you in one place
Glip’s main selling point is its ability to avoid having to use multiple tools for managing your work. It syncs with Outlook and iCal, as well as GCal. If you work with people who don’t like Glip, you can email into or out of it. It integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive, and includes JIRA integration. It also has a powerful search function that scans all information and returns relevant results. This eliminates the risk of data being lost.
Glip calendar viewIt is lightweight but has had some serious development and the quality of the management team are outstanding.
Let’s sum it up…
Glip is chatter management. Glip helps you stop your inbox from getting cluttered with files, notes, and tasks. It does a great job at this. It’s clever and intuitive. I love the calendar view. However, I miss a Gantt chart.
This, I believe, means Glip may not be for me. Although I’m not the target audience, many teams who struggle to collaborate with email would benefit from this cost-effective improvement in instant messaging.