The Best Books on Team Skills for Project Managers

Today’s video contains 3 book recommendations that I recommend for managing projects or, more specifically, how to get the right mindset to succeed within a team environment. You can scroll down to see more details about each book.
A Practical Guide to Dealing With Difficult Stakeholders, by Jake Holloway, Roger Joby and David Bryde
The authors combined their experiences in very difficult situations to share best practices and offer tips on how to deal with people who seem to be against you.
Although there isn’t much theory in this book, you can see that they have tried a variety of ‘classics’ ways to deal with difficult people.
It is a practical guide for dealing with difficult stakeholders, especially those in positions of power like sponsors. It is a quick read and some stories will surprise you. The case studies showed that there were some dysfunctional leaders in these organizations.
Conflict 101 by Susan H. Shearouse
This book will teach you how to deal with conflict at work. I hate conflict and would prefer not to have to deal with it. This book helped me to face conflict head-on and not worry about it. It changed the way I think about conflict at work.
Although the book is quite old, it still feels timeless. People argue at work for many reasons, and this hasn’t changed much over the years.
You will find examples of how teams have overcome difficult situations and come out on the other side. Although this book isn’t about project management, it will help you if you are a member of a team.
Results Without Authority by Tom Kendrick
When I read this book, many things came together for me. It’s a great book that will give you lots of advice about how to get people to do the right thing in a matrix setting.
You need to get people to work with you, even when they aren’t your boss. This book will help you create a culture of collaboration that works for you.
Results Without Authority would be my choice if I had to pick one book from this list.
These books are great for project management.
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