Author: Roxanne

Cisco DevNet: Benefits and Pathways

Don’t worry, this blogpost will give you a brief overview of Cisco DevNet and also offer the opportunity to learn more about the Cisco ecosystem in DevNet. You will only find positive things about getting certified and moving up the ladder. What is Cisco DevNet? Cisco DevNet is a group or network of software developers […]

Cisco ACI vs. VMware NSX

There are many topics on the internet that relate to Cisco ACI or VMware NSX. It could be that you are unable to tell the difference between them. You might be wondering what makes them different. Let’s learn more about Cisco ACI vs. Cisco NSX in this blog. Cisco ACICisco Application Centre Infrastructure is the […]

Cisco ACI vs. Cisco DNA Center – Comparision

Cisco ACI vs. Cisco DNA Center Although there is no similarity between the two certifications, people still have questions about them. For example, Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure), and Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture). Below is a comparison of both exams to help you understand the differences. What is Cisco ACI? Since its inception in […]

Basic and Technical Differences

Cisco is the largest provider of networking devices, such as routers or switches, in the world. Cisco devices are used worldwide with more than 70% market share. Cisco offers a wide range of Cisco certifications at different levels. Each track is designed to help individuals gain skills and knowledge in order to work with these […]

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exams – Certification Exams

All About CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Exams The gap between infrastructure and software is closing every day in this age of rapid change in networking technologies. This is the newcollaboration using intent-based networking which provides the organization with scalable automation as well as security for its networking infrastructure. Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Cisco CCIE […]