Author: Roxanne

A Different PM: Moving from Project Management to Product Management

The core of most organizations’ IT strategies is project management. It helps to keep a project on track, within budget, and complete it according to its original goals and brief. This is the theory anyway. However, the reality is quite different. Unfortunately, project management does not guarantee IT success. Projects still come in over budget, […]

A brand that speaks to the people

It’s not just about creating a company. It’s about creating something that people will be able to relate to. It’s more than just selling a product. They have to feel an affinity for the brand you are creating. Many have achieved this feat over the years, which is why there are so many great companies. […]

Purchasing Option for AWS EC2

Purchasing Option for AWS EC2 Amazon offers a variety of payment options for the EC2 instancesOn Demand Instances Reserved Instances Spot Instances Hosts Dedicated Special Instances Reservations for capacity AWS allows you to launch EC2 instances in shared or dedicated tenancy. Reserved Instances for Light, Medium, and High Utilization are no longer available to purchase. […]

Lifecycle of AWS EC2 Instances

Overview of the Life Cycle of EC2 Instances The EC2 instance lifecycle defines how an EC2 example transitions through different states starting at launch and ending at termination. PendingWhen the first instance is launched, it enters into the state of pending RunningAfter the instance has been launched, it enters the running state For each second […]

AWS EC2 – Elastic Cloud Compute

Elastic Cloud Compute – EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud – EC2 provides scalable computing power in AWS Elastic Compute Cloud – EC2 eliminates the need for upfront hardware investments so that applications can be developed and deployed more quickly. It can be used to launch virtual servers of any size, configure security and network, and manage […]

AWS EC2 Container Service – ECS

AWS EC2 Container Service – ECS AWS EC2 Container Services – ECS is a high-performance, scalable container management service that supports Docker containers. It also allows you to run applications on a managed cluster EC2 instances. ECSis a regional service that makes it easy to run application containers across multiple AZs in a region. This […]