Comprehensive Guide to Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO).

CCISO of the EC-Council
CCISO certification is a promising program for security skills-enhancement. It is highly recognized and valued. CCISO, a security certification program designed and delivered by EC-Council is a niche program that instills practical security management knowledge for all aspirants. CCISO is a program that produces high-level information security professionals. The CCISO certification program provides detailed training in the use of the latest technologies and tools that can prevent cyberattacks within an organization, as well as the exploitation of the information security architecture.
This comprehensive certification and training course teaches all the essential skills necessary to hold a C-Level position in security within an organization. CCISO covers five domains that are part of the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. It focuses on information security basics, including risk management, governance and security program and policies. It also teaches skills for strategic planning and vendor and financial management. This training will enable the aspirant create an information security program efficiently and effectively.
The CCISO domains can be categorized based on key areas:
DomainName1Governance2Security Risk Management, Controls, and Audit Management3Security Program Management & Operations4Information Security Core Concepts5Strategic Planning, Finance, and Vendor ManagementThe CCISO Advantage
* The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which approved the CCISO certification of EC-Council, has certified that it meets the standards for Personnel Certification Accreditation ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024.
* The CCISO was created by an advisory committee of Chief information Security Officers. This committee includes security leaders from renowned universities and consulting firms as well as organizations like HP, Amtrak and the City of San Francisco.
* CCISO seamlessly bridges the gap between technical expertise, executive and financial management.
* This certification recognizes your ability to apply real-world scenarios and practical experience. CCISO certification is recognized worldwide as a standard for security professionals.
The Prerequisites and Exam
Candidates must have at least 5 years experience in one of the three domains mentioned above to be eligible for the CCISO certification or training course.
CCISO exam covers the five domains and 150 multiple-choice questions. It can be completed in approximately two-and-a half hours. To pass the certification exam, candidates must score at least 75%.
CCISO certification will allow you to achieve the exciting role of Chief Information Security Officer, while also giving you expertise in many security domains. You can lead information security professionals by obtaining certification. A CISO is a top-ranking position in any organization that addresses security issues pro-actively. Based on their level and responsibility within the organization, CISOs can earn an average salary of $12.12 to $59.38 an hour.
NetCom Learning, a respected partner of EC-Council, offers rigorous security training and certification courses. This includes interactive lab sessions and real-world scenarios. A team of experts guides you through key security concepts and essentials, while increasing your readiness to earn CCISO credentials. You can choose from a variety of learning options, with a customized schedule.
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