Taking on PowerShell one cmdlet at a time

Share this post: This is part of an ongoing blog series by Adam Gordon. Adam will show you how to use each PowerShell command each week. Adam will be covering Get-Culture this week.

When to use Get Culture
Get-Culture gives information about current culture settings. This includes information about the current language settings of the system, such the keyboard layout and the display format for items such as numbers and currency.
You can also use Get-UICulture cmdlet to get the current user interface culture and the Set-Culture kmdlet in International module.
The user-interface culture (UI) determines which text strings will be used for user interface elements such as menus and messages.

How to Use Get-Culture
Culture settings:
Get-Culture provides information about the regional settings of the computer.

Format the properties of a cultural object:
Get-Culture | Format-List -Property *
Displays all properties of the culture object. ) to send the culture object to the Format-List cmdlet. It uses the –Property parameter in order to display all (*), properties of the object. FL *

The remaining commands examine the properties of the culture object using dot notation to display their values. This notation can be used to display any property of an object.

Many object properties have properties.

To display the value for the AbreviatedDayNames property in the DateTimeFormat property, you can use dot notation

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